Strip Dance + Lap Dance Tutorials

The ultimate sensual dancing tutorial!

Strip Dance DVD + Lap Dance DVD

This is our best selling offer and our best recommendation for our students.

With the Strip Dance tutorial, learn the main strip dance moves that show your sexy body from a distance. Then, following the Lap Dance Tutorial, impress your partner by dancing on his lap in very close contact!

Both programs are designed for beginner dancers and feature the moves breakdown, complete dance routines explained step by step, and fitness programs that tone your body for strip and lap dancing. Each program features strictly unique content! None of the workouts or routines are duplicated on both programs.

Don't miss your chance and get the best instructional striptease videos within our super saver offer: at the price of only two group dance classes. The quality and results are guaranteed - we will return 100% of your purchase price within a year after purchase if you're not happy with the videos. Use your chance to uncover your fabulous inner seductress!

Dance like a pro - 20 secrets of professional dancers PDF comes as a bonus when you purchase the two tutorials together. Plus, you get all the bonus videos that come with each of the DVDs.

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