7 Days of Fitness

Upon numerous requests from our students, Julia reveals her own daily work out routines!

The 7-day program consists of short 15-minute daily blocks that exercise a certain part of our body. Each block starts with a general warm up and proceeds to tone the ladies' most important groups of muscles:

Day 1 - Arms and shoulders
Day 2 - Legs
Day 3 - Abs
Day 4 - Hips and butt
Day 5 - Waist
Day 6 - Dancer's stretching I
Day 7 - Dancer's stretching II

You can do the exercises in any order, mix and match or repeat some more often than others as you like! The exercises are easy and accessible and don't require any equipment other than a floor mat.

The stretching exercises are especially useful to bring your dancing moves to a new level. But even if you don't dance much, these definitely help tone your body and feel great!

Most importantly, Julia encourages you to cheer up and smile while working out, as this attitude helps her get through the workout easily and sets her great mood for the day! You will definitely enjoy the good vibes that accompany her workouts.

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