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 What Makes Dancing Seductive?

We all know that men enjoy watching women dance. But did you know there’s a scientific reason? Men are particularly responsive to visual stimulation. They react to what they see stronger than to what they hear, smell, or taste. And naturally, a body in movement generally looks more appealing than one at rest, and a dancing body is obviously an attention-getter. A gracefully dancing woman excites a man by the force of nature. When the movements accentuate her femininity, grace, and sensuality, men cannot avoid being charmed. Couple that natural power with a few seductive looks and the suggestive clothing of a dancer and there are few things that can excite a man more. The act of dancing for another person conveys confidence and positivity, which are traits that men definitely find appealing. All in all, dancing is a powerful seductive skill that any woman could use to her advantage.
These skills can be learned by anyone, and moreover, it doesn't take years of practicing dance techniques to perform an amazing striptease. There are a lot of easy yet effective dance moves that you can be learned and used right away without time-consuming preparation. It’s easy to get started now with our Strip and Lap Dancing Tutorial DVDs!

How to Gain Confidence for Your Striptease? 


Practicing on your own several times will help you relax while getting used to the music and to the image of yourself dancing. Especially if you are dancing for the first time, it is a good idea to start by learning a routine. Knowing the steps and moves in advance will make you feel more comfortable than if you try to play it by ear. Be sure to practice the subtle glances that you’ll give him. While you are practicing, get a feel for the song and imagine yourself as an actress. Your role is to seduce him by radiating confidence, so it’s important to remember to dance for your own enjoyment as well as for his pleasure.

Correct Your Posture

Stand straight with your shoulders back and your chest forward. Tuck your stomach in and lift up your chin. It just works – you’ll feel more confident and attractive already. In our Strip Dancing Tutorial DVD, we teach the correct posture before starting to teach the dance move. This not only helps you to look better, but it also ensures that you feel comfortable in your own skin.

Clothes and Makeup

It’s surprising how simply taking a shower and getting ready can make you feel better and feel less self-conscious. Don’t neglect this simple advice. Make grooming your appearance an everyday habit if you haven’t yet. This isn't about how other people see you; it’s about how you see yourself. We promise that your overall mood and self-image will be positively affected.

Get into the Mood

Remember that it is not the technique of your dance that seduces him; rather it’s your mood and your distinctive manner. Move confidently but slowly (remember the “tease” part of “striptease”), and if your dance involves undressing, do it gradually and sensually. Breathe more deeply while you dance; it will slow you down and will help to add subtle sensuality to your moves. Smile; that alone will make you feel more confident and relaxed.

Keep the Lights On

You can dim the lights, but don’t turn them off since you want him to see you clearly the whole time. Don’t be shy to show off your body. We just cannot stress this enough – a woman’s confidence and playful attitude is what makes her look sexy.

Be in Control

Remember that you are in control of the performance. Whatever you do is right because it’s your show where you set the rules. You can even forbid him touch you if that’s your desire. This playful act will tease him even more and will give you total control over him and over the power of your dance.

You are Awesome!

Just the fact that you are doing this should make you feel great. By far, not every woman is up to giving a private dance. It’s time to remind both him and you of how amazing you really are!

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How to Dress for Strip or Lap Dancing?

It is not necessary to have a special outfit or costume for strip dancing, but what you wear for your dance is important and requires a little preparation. Firstly, you need to feel comfortable while dancing. Practice dancing in the clothes you selected. You don’t want any wardrobe mishaps or distractions during your show.
Secondly, if you plan to undress, make sure you have enough items on you to play around long enough. A common trick is to make use of small items, such as a hat, scarf, lace gloves, and stockings. But don’t overdo it; it’s the process of removing your outfit that matters, not the quantity of clothes that you wear. Take the time to play with certain items. A buttoned shirt is a classic because slowly unbuttoning it can be very sexy, especially when you rotate your hips and shoulders while you do it. (Here’s how Julia does it).
Third, you need clothes that you look and feel sexy wearing, ideally the ones that he also likes. If in doubt – usually a tight skirt, blouse and stilettos are a zero-risk choice; just make sure that you are comfortable in stilettos and can dance in them.
And of course, wear your sexiest lingerie. Not only will the sexy look of lingerie excite your partner; you will feel differently, and we’re pretty certain that you know exactly what that means.

Choosing the Best Music for a Titillating Dance

It’s most important for you to choose a song that you like and that gets you into a seductive mood. There’s no particular rule for the music. Pick anything that you are comfortable with. Practice to it so that you are comfortable with the song length. Normally a strip dance is as long as the song; however, if you want, you can create a playlist so that you don’t have to depend on one song for your striptease. Instead, your performance can start and finish whenever you want.
Here are some suggestions of good songs for strip dancing:
Depeche mode – Only when I lose myself
Nelly – Hot In Herre
The Pussycat Dolls – Buttons
Portishead – Glory Box
Christina Aguilera – Nasty Naughty Boy
INXS – Beautiful Girl
Madonna – Justify My Love
Nine Inch Nails – Closer
Britney Spears – I’m a slave 4 u
Gwen Stefani – Luxurious
Lenny Kravitz – Fly away
Depeche Mode – Personal Jesus
Justin Timberlake – What Goes Around Comes Around
Timbaland – The Way I Are
Kylie Minogue – Chocolate
Andre 3000 feat. Norah Jones – Take Off Your Cool

Essential Tips for an Unbelievable Lap Dance

The golden rules for a memorable, steamy striptease or lap dance are:
Keep eye contact and smile. Nothing is sexier than your flirty look and your playful smile. Seduce him with your eyes.
Before your performance, take some time to relax, listen to music, and get into a playful mood. It’s recommended to stretch a little and do some warm-up exercises. These help you feel how your body moves, making your dance moves more expressive.
While dancing, touch yourself and move your hands over your body to make the dance much more sensual.
If you feel that some alcohol is necessary to relax, that’s ok. Just don’t go too far; drunk dancing will not make a good striptease.
Either let him know in advance or make it a surprise – whatever feels the most exciting for you. You can send him a playful note in the morning to keep him guessing what you’re up to throughout the whole day. If you know he enjoys spontaneity, you can suddenly draw him into your performance the moment he crosses the threshold.
If at any moment you run out of dance moves, just circle your hips, move your hands over your body and play around with your clothes. You can also act out what the song is about (if it’s appropriate to the situation).
Learn how to strip and lap dance now!