For Men

How to get your lady to striptease for youHello there!

You're probably thinking... All this is fun and great, but how exactly do I suggest it to my lady without sounding pushy?

Let's start here. We girls love to please you guys. We also love to look sexy, and we get so inspired when we see our charms and powers work on you. So what stops us from fulfilling your fantasy?

Honestly, most of us are a little self conscious. Most of us have never done it before and to tell the truth, we're just not sure how you would react. We always need a little encouragement. (And by a little, we might mean tons.)

Firstly, make sure to tell her that striptease is your ultimate fantasy for the two of you. Not just anyone and anywhere, and not just because you never got it before, not just because it sounds like fun. But you fantasize about her dancing sexy for you. You love to watch her move, you love to see her undress, and she looks so gorgeous in (or out of) her lingerie. It is about her, about you as a couple, and about how much you adore her.

Compliments and loving encouragement go a long way. By telling her daily about the little things that you find sexy and beautiful about her, you will build her confidence and trust.

Now for some more tactical suggestions...

...Go lingerie shopping together. Find styles that you both like. Try something new. By wearing something new, and by knowing how it turns you on, she may be tempted to show it off in a new way too. Get something with accessories, layers, laces to play with. Those fun features just inspire a playful tease. Get something that feels comfortable and is sexy to the touch. Feeling of a lusciously silky fabric on our skin does miracles to our mood.

...Be romantic and loving, and do nice little things for her daily. Fill her a tub and bring her champagne. (Get in too if you can). Rub her back. Sneak out early in the morning and get her flowers. Put some soft music on when you're both relaxing in the evening. Your end goal is not to get a dance. It is to deepen the trust and light up that romantic spark that will inspire both of you to please each other.

...Talk about intimate fantasies. Is there anything she would like you to do for her? (Ever thought about stripping for her yourself?) Tell her about things that she does that turn you on. Pull out her photo that you find the sexiest. Talk about some special moment from the past when you realized you're head over heels in love with her.

When the time comes and she's ready...

...Dim the lights. Pick some music together that turns both of you on. Have a glass of wine with her. Ask if she'd like to show you that sexy new corset that you bought together.

...Be an active participant, or even the leader in her show. (Unless she's in a dominating mood and orders you to sit back and keep your hands to yourself... in which case you'd better obey) Tell her when to turn, to shake her hair, to do a move that you like, to take a garment off. Or use your hands to spin her around and guide her dance. It helps us loosen up when we don't feel "on stage".

On the closing note, if she doesn't want to do it, let it go. You know well that insisting doesn't get you far here. Rather don't mention it for a while. Find something else fun that you can do together. Take a salsa class for example. Dancing in general helps both women and men loosen up and get comfortable with their bodies. See where that takes you... Good luck!