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Like most women, you’ve probably been secretly fantasizing about stripping for your lover, dancing gracefully and sensually, and teasing and tempting him to a point where he can’t resist you… There’s no reason to feel shy about your desires. You’ve come to the right spot. Let us tell you why!
Strip Dance tutorial


There are numerous reasons to learn how to striptease and lap dance. We all want...

  • to fulfill our lover's ultimate fantasy...
  • to look incredibly sexy and irresistible...
  • to learn to feel confident about our body...
  • to have control and power over our partner...
  • to feel free and liberated to express our sensuality...
  • to do something forbidden, mysterious, and very private...
  • to do something enjoyable and rewarding for both you and him!
Experienced dance instructors at the Sky7 Dance school have developed striptease and lap dance tutorial DVDs that will start you dancing from Day 1. It takes as little as 30 minutes to learn one of our beginner dance routines. In no time at all, you'll be ready to perform a jaw-dropping striptease or lap dance that your lover will never forget... 

  A Complete Tutorial DVD for Strip Dance or Lap Dance might just be the best purchase decision you’ll ever make.

✓ You’ll enjoy discovering how sensual and graceful you truly are
✓ Your confidence and sexuality will make your lover’s fantasies come to life
✓ You'll infinitely strengthen the intimacy and trust between you and your partner
✓ You'll learn to love your body and will be amazed by how sexy it looks doing our striptease routines
✓ You’ll have fun exploring your inner self and discovering new naughtiest, most daring sides
✓ You’ll learn how to seduce and entrance your lover by lap dancing again and again
✓ You'll burn calories while you dance and get an even sexier body!

We know this sounds too good to be true, but we promise you it isn’t. We’ll give you an absolutely risk-free chance to try strip dancing for yourself!

- This sounds good, but I don’t think that my body is sexy...

- Trust us: it doesn’t matter how old you are or what you look like! Your partner loves you and thinks your body is sexy.
All of us (including our dance instructors:) have things that we want to improve about our bodies. The confidence
you’ll gain from learning our striptease routines will help you forget why you ever felt so self-conscious
in the first place. With our techniques, lap dancing is the most powerful way to make any body
look sexy and stunning. We guarantee that when you lap dance, he won’t be looking for your
imperfections. He will be amazed by how sexy and graceful you look and by how
powerful and pleasing you are for learning to striptease for him!
We promise you - he will be on fire!

- I’d love to try this, but I really can’t dance. I'm afraid I'll look silly.

- Never fear! The dance routines that we offer are easy and don’t require any dancing experience at all. Specially designed
for beginners, the lessons are based on our experiences teaching ladies who have never taken a dance class before.
We recommend that beginners first practice the "Basic moves" section of the DVD. In this part,
the most fundamental lap dance moves are broken down into easy steps that every woman
can follow and repeat. Don’t worry about your technique; striptease is all
about the mood, the manner, the confidence, the glance, the touching,
and the inner power it helps you discover. We will teach you
all of our tricks, and we guarantee that you will look
undeniably sexy while performing them.

STRIP DANCE: A Complete Tutorial DVD features:

  • Easy moves, accessible for everyone. No dance experience required!
  • 3 full striptease routines with clear step-by-step voice-over instructions
  • Basic dance moves and steps explained in detail by professional instructors
  • Special warm-up and stretching exercises to improve flexibility and style
  • A workout to tone your muscles and look leaner in as little as two weeks
  • A unique video tutorial on how to take clothes off with grace and style
  • Confidence tips and tricks to help every woman feel great about her body
  • Bonus: 3 spectacular striptease routines to inspire creativity and drive
  • The DVD is available for instant download in high definition video quality
  • You can try it absolutely risk-free with our 100% Money Back Guarantee!

LAP DANCE: A Complete Tutorial DVD features:

  • Beginner level dance moves on your partner's lap
  • 5 lap dance routines with step-by-step voice instructions
  • Breakdown of the basic lap dance moves and steps
  • Warm-up and stretching routines specially developed for lap dancing
  • A special workout to look fit in your underwear
  • Lap dance secrets, tips and tricks from professional dancers
  • Bonus: 2 creative lap dance routines with step by step breakdown
  • The DVD is available for instant download in high definition video quality
  • You can try it absolutely risk-free with our 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Which DVD is right for me?

Both programs are developed for beginner dancers. The Strip Dance program is focused on learning the sexy dance moves and striptease routines, while the Lap Dance program is about partner interaction: the dance is performed on your partner's lap. We recommend mastering both programs together for the most mind blowing results!  Thank you so much! It’s been so hard to find good videos to learn from that actually have you learning to dance instead of flailing around in a skimpy outfit. As someone with no dance experience whatsoever, who is insanely prudish, this is a relief, it’s professional, informative and fun.    

- Rita

I love you guys for doing this… But even more, my boyfriend loves you for this!  

- Anna

I think this is so freaking awesome I will share with my wife this page.

- Erik

I love these lessons because they are slow and repetitive. Plus they are sexy and not rocket science.

- Susanne

10x better than any Carmen video I’ve seen… keep up the great work!

- Tracy

This is a great learning video. In fact I had 4 of my girlfriends over to follow your video we used my kitchen table I also filmed my girlfriends doing the dance it was great fun. When my husband came home he wondered why the kitchen table was so wobbly. When I showed him the dance he wanted more.

- Sarah


We’re so confident that you will love our striptease lessons that we offer a 365-day 100% Money Back Guarantee to anyone who is not completely satisfied with their purchase! If after viewing the lessons and trying the strip and lap dance moves you are not completely happy with the DVD, contact us within one year of your purchase date so that we can refund you 100% of the cost (excl. shipping) no questions asked. Try our tutorials now! There’s nothing to lose but so much to gain. 


P.S. We’re only able to keep this offer for a limited time, so don’t miss your chance and get your copy now!