About Us

Hello, fabulous!

I'm Julia, a professional dancer and dance instructor. I started Sky 7 Dance with my team of dance teachers in 2010. At Sky7 Dance, we love sexy, feminine dance styles, and we want to share the pleasure of dancing with everyone. We design and offer free online dance lessons of strip and lap dancing, sexy club dancing, and other feminine styles. We also provide in-depth learning materials that are available as digital downloads or DVDs. Whether a woman wants to learn strip dancing as a fun activity or simply needs quick tips on effective contemporary dance moves, we’re genuinely excited to help.

Why strip dancing?

Strip dance is about developing grace and flexibility, exploring sexuality, and building confidence. It’s a pleasurable exercise that teaches women to look and feel sexy, to discover new sides of their personality, and to express their individuality in a sensual way. It is about women learning to seduce and please their significant others. Private dancing in an intimate surrounding can build a deeper connection between two partners, can strengthen trust, can revive romance, or can simply remind a man of how lucky he is to have an amazing woman.
Strip dancing doesn’t have to be shown to anyone. Dancing alone can be a wonderful time to just relax, enjoy oneself, indulge the senses, and feel fresh and liberated. It can make anyone feel truly amazing.
Dancing is delightful aerobic exercise with incredible rewards for health and well-being. All in all, our instructors love strip dancing because it makes life more exciting and more rewarding. Sky7Dance wants every woman to experience this feeling for herself. What better place is there to start learning how to strip dance?