July 08, 2013

5 Famous Strip Dances You Can Recreate

Imagine yourself as a gorgeous burlesque queen... or a dangerously exotic diva for just one night!

We picked 5 famous striptease routines that we can recreate at home to enthrall and fascinate our loved ones. Choose the character that fits you and use these tips to set up a jaw dropping show!



 Dita von Teese and her fabulously sexy Martini glass dance


BURLESQUE is all about glamour, style and manner. For our purpose, this means two key ingredients: a fabulous costume and a goddess-like attitude.

IMAGINE yourself as a famous burlesque queen: gorgeous, mysterious, adorable and so out-of-reach! You enjoy every second of it. You love dancing, teasing and showing your graceful body. The audience goes crazy when you show up! You have total control over your show and the infinite confidence of a queen.

YOUR glamorous costume may require some preparation. You can go retro like Dita, or opt for a modern neo-burlesque style - think of Christina Aguilera in Lady Marmalade. Either way, make sure to get a fabulous corset and bright and sparkly lingerie. Dress in many layers (Dita even has two layers of underwear if you watch closely) and use as many glamorous decorations as you like: wear feathers, sequins, crystals, glass beads, all things that make you shine! To finish your costume, add high heels, stockings, a garter belt, gloves and a retro hat.

GO BRIGHT and classy with your makeup. Cat eyes, red lips and a little more blush than usual, plus a retro hairstyle will do the job. Ever dreamt of wearing a wig to be someone different for a day? Go for it! This is a perfect occasion to fulfill all your glamorous fantasies. Just remember that your confidence and personality must shine even brighter than your outfit!

THE DANCE MOVES in this routine aren't rocket science at all. Pick the music that makes you feel sexy: either energetic as Dita’s, or slow and sensual. Practice a sexy strut, hip circles and postures that accentuate your body. Move around and turn to show yourself from different angles. Some tips for a graceful dance: arch your back as you bend, raise your hands or touch yourself to draw attention to parts of your body, keep your toes pointed and feet arched at all times! This makes your legs look longer and leaner.

NOW what if you don’t have a giant martini glass at home? Don’t worry! You can replace it with almost any piece of furniture. A round spinning stool or a rotating coffee table are ideal, but you can do just as good with a chair or a couch. Use it to add variety to your postures and moves: sit on it, stand on it, lie on it, put your foot on it to remove a stocking, there is a lot of ways to play!


How to spice it up: Wear cute pasties. He’s not expecting it and he’ll definitely be excited!

Music: Burlesque Music Playlist

Watch for more inspiration: Dita Von Teese - A Guy Who Takes His Time



 Salma Hayek’s exotic dance in "From Dusk Till Dawn"


DOESN’T matter if you don't have a live python and flame throwers in your closet. You can still recreate this mystical and nerve tickling atmosphere with the a few simple tricks: music, costume, decorations and dance moves!

Let’s get the ROOM ready first. Dim the lights and make some red light accents by using a red lightbulb or red twinkle lights, candles in red vases, or just throw a thin red scarf on the desk lamp (make sure it doesn’t heat up). Fake flames work great too. Decorate the room with exotic flowers and bring in some spicy oriental scents.

For the COSTUME, pick an exotic dress or make your own by decorating a casual one with shiny oriental accessories: snake imitating bracelets, metal necklaces or wild looking feathers. Red or black lingerie would work great; pick velvet or shiny metallic fabrics. A fun idea is to use body paint and draw exotic patterns on your arms, back or waist. Let your makeup accentuate your wild character too with bright lips, cat eyes, shiny textures. Be dangerous!

It’s a good IDEA to add some oriental flair to your strip dance moves. Steal a couple tricks from a belly dancing class and learn the oriental hand moves. If you don’t plan on wearing shoes, practice the barefoot tiptoe strut.

Last but not least, assume that exotic and dangerous PERSONA: keep a distance to your viewer. Be dominant, don’t smile, don’t touch. Be a goddess!


How to spice it up: Pouring red wine on yourself can look amazing if your floor can survive it, and if you can walk away from the wet slippery area as you dance too.

Music: Tito & Tarantula - After Dark

Watch for more inspiration: Betsy Rose - Dance of the Amazon



 Demi Moore in "Striptease"



CAREFUL, we’re stepping into men’s ground here - and this will totally get them excited.

The STRONGEST element in this show is your character. (Watch the movie to get a feel of it). You are tough, dominant, powerful - only on the surface really, but nobody needs to know that yet. Your victim is ready and you’re about to make a killer impression.

Your ROOM will be dark and blue, so dim the lights and add some blue accents like a blue night light or a neon sign. The music is energetic and strong, but not too fast.

Steal the COSTUME right from your partner’s closet. You’ll need a large black jacket, a white shirt and a tie. Ideally, also a black hat big enough to cover your face and hair to add a little mystery. While you’re dressed like a man on top, let your sexy legs give away your true feminine side. Wear a dark pantyhose or stockings with a garter belt, and high heels. Pick bright shiny underwear to accentuate your power and dominance, and don’t wear your everyday items. Get something special and provocative for the occasion. Needless to say, avoid girly patterns on anything (a little lace is okay, but keep it hidden at the beginning). Act like a confident and experienced seductress!

YOU can hold a cigarette if that fits your style. If it’s lit, think of a place to put it when you’re done with it.

Now the DANCE moves. Naturally, you can’t be too soft and slow wearing all that men’s attire. Practice large, sharp, energetic movements, big steps, straight arms, sharp hair waves. Be super confident. What makes this routine special is the contrast between being strong and masculine on the surface, while revealing your true soft and feminine nature as you undress. So after you drop your hat, let your hair lose and rip off your covers, add some softer moves like hip circles and body waves to accentuate your femininity. Men love contrast!

In the original PERFORMANCE, Demi Moore uses a pole, but you can dance against a wall, a door, a corner in the room, or on a table. A table gives you an extra trick: get on it to stress your dominance and confidence.


How to spice it up: Arrange your music to get a little softer and more sensual as you undress. Slow down your dance and take a few minutes to tease him before you remove your last layers!

Music: Annie Lennox - Money Can’t Buy It

Watch for more inspiration: Demi Moore Chair Scene in "Striptease"



 Kim Basinger in "Nine And A Half Weeks"


Here’s an ultimate CLASSIC performance. As soon as “You Can Leave Your Hat On” starts playing, your partner will know exactly what is going on!

To CREATE that famous silhouette view, you need a bright light behind you and a dark room in front of you. An easy way to achieve this is to hang a light curtain in the room or in the doorway and darken the room where your viewer sits. You will dance on the opposite side with a lamp behind you. Practice this before the actual show to find the best angle and lamp size and make sure that your shadow looks right.

In terms of PREPARATION, this routine is very easy and doesn't require a lot of props. Act like you just came home from work (maybe you did!). Wear casual makeup, a business suit with a pencil skirt, high heels, undershirt and stockings. A classic hair updo will work great too, especially if you can let your hair loose in the middle of the show. A glass of wine is definitely your good friend for this routine!

Be PLAYFUL, experiment with moves and whatever items there are in the room (chairs, tables, couches). You can act a little shy for the sake of the show, but inside know that you are the most gorgeous and confident woman of all! There are no special steps or moves here. Use whatever strip dance moves you feel comfortable doing. Just keep it sexy and in line with the music.

THROW clothes at him as you undress. You may choose not to wear any underwear at all under your night dress! If you decide so, make it obvious to him at a later point by showing some skin. It will tease him a lot if you don’t actually remove everything, but only let him know that there isn't much to remove! Just like in the original dance, the ultimate tease would be to suddenly throw the jacket back on at the end and beckon your partner to another place where the show may continue.


How to spice it up: Use a hat to cover yourself when (and if) you get naked.

Music: Joe Cocker - You Can Leave Your Hat On

Watch for more inspiration: Another routine to Joe Cocker. Watch the accents!



 Lindsay Lohan in “I Know Who Killed Me”

IMAGINE yourself as a modern strip club superstar. Red neon lights, soft velvet couches. Except now there is just one viewer and the show is all yours... It’s the forbidden, the exciting, the extravagant, the mysterious side that you’re on tonight. You own the night and you set the rules.

Your GLAMOROUS look demands the brightest and naughtiest lingerie you can find. Opt for red, black or purple colors. Stripper shoes or glossy boots are a must. So is bright and provocative makeup. It’s OK to look a little vulgar for the sake of the character you’re impersonating, but don’t look cheap. Limit your makeup colors to two or three, but make them bright and bold. Hair? Voluminous, loose and maybe a little bit messy if you like.

You will need to MASTER some classic stripper moves for this routine. Don’t worry about a pole - a table, chair or floor dance (or all three combined) will do the job. Learn the hip and chest circles, body waves and hair swings, and all kinds of explicit touching. Pick some loud, wild, vulgar strip club music. Be serious and dramatic - no smiles or winks, just the bold and shameless stripper queen attitude. You know what we mean!


How to spice it up: In the end, when the music gets even wilder, go on his lap, put his hands behind his back (or handcuff him if you're adventurous!) and grind. Get in the role and go wild!

Music: How Long - Out Hud

Watch for more inspiration: Olivia Wilde in "Butter"